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Affordable Local SEO Services For Small Business

affordable local seo services

LocalMyBiz has been a trustworthy name for years in providing excellent guidelines throughout the journey of a successful business. Now, the question is, what exactly we do? 

Well, we start from scratch and help you build up perfect online visibility that ensures a good market opportunity for you. So, let us discuss briefly and clarify the things we do to take you to that level.

Local Search Engine Optimization

An attractive online presence is capable of drawing more customers than an ordinary business profile. Therefore, our affordable local SEO services work on that online presence and generate more potential customers for your business.

We target your business area and start organizing and upgrading your profile so that you can get more highlighted in the local search results. You can check out the positive responses of our clients as we offer the best-quality optimization at an affordable price.

Best affodable Local SEO Services
website design service

Website Design

There is no telling that consumers won’t get attracted to you unless you have a pretty amazing website to introduce yourself to them. Now, what makes the website attractive? 

Well, a responsive and interactive design that is constantly updated according to the needs of the consumers draws much more attention than the ordinary template designs. Therefore, in our SEO services, we use WordPress and design amazingly engaging websites. 

Again, we make sure that all of our websites are mobile-friendly so that it has that same appearance and ease regardless of the device. Check Our $99 Website Design and $95 Website Redesign Services.

Citation Building

Citations are like online references to your business. It is extracted from your information like the address, name, or the region of your company. 

Again, providing the latest and correct information is very important to build up a good online image. Therefore, with our local SEO services, you can get the best citation buildings in the most affordable range. 

We also focus on keeping the website updated and so, we go through all the improper and backdated citations and replace them with newer and better ones. 

Citation Building services
Google My Business Ranking services

Google My Business

Google My Business is an incredible opportunity for online marketing. It helps you to build up your profile and introduce yourself to the local market with the help of Google services. And so, we focus on giving you a complete guideline to set all that up.

Through years of experience, we’ve gained a firm knowledge of the demands of a local market. Therefore, we work on all those matters and make your business pop up into that top position in Google search results.

Why Should You Choose LocalMyBiz ?


What truly matters at the end of the day is the result. That is why we put all our focus and attention on achieving a perfect result.


We started our journey in 2011 and since then our team has gathered a huge amount of working knowledge and experience.

Boosting Web Traffic

We try our level best to increase the opportunities to get more sales. Therefore, we focus on boosting web traffic.

Proven Results

Even after securing the number one spot on Google for numerous competitive keywords, the host continued his traffic growth for years.

Best Practice SEO

All of our work complies with Google practice for the best possible rankings. So, choose us and you won’t have to deal with any spammy SEO.

Clear Reporting

We provide you all the details about how well the SEO campaign is progressing by our high-quality reports and updates on your KPIs.

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What people say?

I've been using for 25 months now and have been very happy with the company. Mehedi is a truly knowledgeable person that stays on top of the ever-changing waters that is SEO. I started landscaping business from scratch in a saturated area for landscape due to wanting to live and work in a particular location. After initially being on page 15+ for common online searches such as "landscaper" my hometown prior to working with Mehedi, for the past 18 months, my practice has been consistently ranked 1st within the organic listings.
Landscaper has done an amazing job for me. After having a couple of very negative experiences with 2 other "SEO Companies", I did my research and found them. They handled redoing my entire website and removed a lot of... fraudulent things that could have swept my website into oblivion. I was ranking on the first page for organic, on most top keywords within a few months ... I am thrilled with the job they have done for me. I went from about 3 new clients a month to more than 15, for which I give them most of the credit.
HVAC Contractor provided tremendous value to our business. We are very thankful for their expertise and professionalism.
Landscaper is an amazing company to work with. Outstanding service, very friendly, and best of all, they get results. I would recommend to any landscaper who needs SEO or marketing services and who wants more traffic and leads from search engines like Google.
I just wanted to thank you again for your SEO analysis report and advice. Your analysis gave us clear direction in optimizing our web site, and your friendly and professional guidance made it easy for us to carry out your suggestions. After following your advice we climbed up the search results considerably!We at Family Martial Arts would refer you most enthusiastically to anyone requiring SEO optimization.
Juan Fogal
[Local My Biz] was able to create a WordPress site for my company at a great deal less than the competitors! He was able to optimize the site along with a great local search optimization as well. In a very short time my business was rated first on Google in both organic search results and in Google Places!I am very pleased with the results and would recommend him to anyone!
Jacquie Cordier


Local SEO Competitor Analysis

To run a local business successfully, you need to have a clear concept about your competitors along with your current position in the market. Therefore, we analyze the entire region and provide you a detailed view to understanding better.

Keyword Research

A correct set of keywords that include certain important information that promotes your business can help you the most while upgrading your visibility in local search results. Therefore, we run extensive research and find out those perfect keywords for your business.

Google My Business setup and optimization

We help you to perfect your setup and optimize the services of Google My Business. By taking information like the NAPW details, working hours, backlinks, reviews, and stuff like that, we create a perfect appearance of your website that becomes prominent in search results.

Managing Local Citations

Inappropriate citations might become of the most important reasons for you to lag. Therefore, we clean up your incorrect and outdated citations and replace them with the correct ones that include relevant directories. Thus, we improve the visibility of your website.

The Local SEO Processes We Go Through

To ensure the best local SEO services for our clients, we go through all the core steps of local SEO. From competitor analysis to report submission, our experienced team gives their best effort in every step to ensure the maximum outcome for.

At a glance, we go through the following processes in our local SEO service.

local seo services near me

On-page SEO

The goal of our on-page SEO service is to improvise your website and help with your business ranks in local search results. And so, we provide services like content optimization, keyword research, engaging page titles, inserting alt, and correcting web design.

Tracking Local SEO Campaign

We introduce you to a brand new strategy of tracking down the local SEO campaign with this service so that you get a better understanding of the needs. And thus, you can analyze your keyword rankings and work on them to improve yourself.

Google Reviews Management

A healthy business needs to encourage their customers to share their opinions. And so, we manage their reviews and ensure you the best approach to on google. Thus, we create a great opportunity for you to improve yourself by working on current needs and lacking.

Customer Traffic Report

Stagnant strategies don’t work well in online marketing. Therefore, with this service, we provide you with scheduled traffic reports which helps you to stay updated about all on the ongoing issues and to come up with a perfect strategy that meets those needs.

Our WorkS

These are the 3 Months Old Website Report. We Start Works From the Beginning. Read Our Local SEO Case Study [PDF]

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

What is local SEO Services?

The SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization which is a service that helps to grow and enhance online visibility for a market. And local SEO is dependent on the geographical location of your business.  

The service itself does not change your product quality or business information. However, it uses Google services and creates a better image of your business. As a result, it introduces your business to the local market and helps you gain much traffic through online search results.

How Much Does Local SEO Cost?

There is not any fixed price for the local SEO services. The entire cost depends on matters like the competition level in your region or the keywords and other technical services that we have you or even the age of your business.

Any alterations with these factors result in direct changes in the total cost. However, we offer you a very affordable price range that starts at just $350/m. What’s more, is that we provide you scheduled reports on every detail so that you can stay constantly updated about your expenses. Check our SEO services pricing

How Does Local SEO Work?

Although the process seems a bit complicated, the main idea behind this optimization is quite simple. The local SEO takes your business information and run a thorough assessment of the competition level in your region.

After that, it enhances your online presence by using services like Google My Business. Also, it updates the keywords along with the citations and makes sure that your business rank reaches the top position in local search results. And thus, it optimizes the search engine and creates more traffic and visibility for your business.

Why Local SEO is Important?

Those days are long gone when there were limited options for the customers in a local region. Competitions have taken a huge shape and therefore, without a proper strategy, it will take no time to gasp under this swirling crowd. That is why local SEO services come to deal with this situation. 

People are always using the internet and are greatly dependent on what it suggests. Therefore, SEO is very important to create a bold and powerful online visibility and deal with the upcoming challenges. 

Why You Should Hire a Local SEO Company?

Creating an online image in a perfect manner that meets all the requirements of the market demands takes years of experience. So, if you try to do it on your own, you will surely need a lot of time and effort. 

What maybe get even worse is that you can end up doing it all wrong and create a bad impression in the local market. If anything like that happens, it might leave a disastrous result on your business. 


Therefore, working with professionals is very important. And that is why you should always hire a trusted local SEO company and carry out your online marketing. Besides, it’s affordable, effective, and also very fast.

How Do Local SEO Services Help to Grow Your Business Up?

The local SEO services help to grow your business with their remarkable strategies. The majority of local consumers choose the option that hits the top rank in online search results. 

Therefore, it becomes the primary focus of your local SEO to make sure that your rank is listed up there to stay in the competition.

Again, several other procedures like analyzing the local competitors and traffic, upgrading and correcting the keywords and citations, running campaign assessments, and organizing the search engines also help you grow your business.

Local SEO Consultant…
Contact Us… Get A FREE Local SEO Consultant Services Today. We’ll give you a free, no-obligation analysis of your website along with a plan to increase your business visibility online…

Why Should You Choose LocalMyBiz?

During the most nerve-wracking stressful situations of today’s tough business competitions, LocalMyBiz is a trustworthy name to rely upon. 

Take our commitments under consideration at first. We believe in fulfilling our promises and try our best to encompass all of your needs.

Again, LocalMyBiz is providing SEO services for almost a decade. Therefore, you will always find the help and support of our experienced team members. 

Not just that, if you go on and look for the responses of our previous and current clients you will get a better understanding of our proven results. So, how about we discuss all the aspects that make us eligible for your trust.

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