About our Guarantees: Before We Provide Guaranteed Services, We Will Research Your Website, Your Competitor’s Website, Technical And Search Audit. If Everything Is Good Then We Can Provide Guaranteed First-page Result. We Don’t Provide Any Fake Promises. Yes, We Know, Google Don’t Recommend Guaranteed First-page Result. But, We Are Tired Of Trying Out Dozens Of SEO Strategies. We Know How To Rank On Following 100% Google Guideline. So, In This Case, We Can Provide You Guaranteed First Place In Search Results. Again, We Are Working On 100% White Method And Following Google Recent Webmasters Guideline, We Know Every Google Update Following On Twitter, Popular SEO Blogs, And Youtube Videos.

Disclaimer-1: SEO is not a unique activity such as website development. It is a continuous process. If you stop creating new content and create links, your ranking will eventually fall.

Disclaimer-2: SEO is a time-consuming process. It may take 2 months to 18 months to see results depending on the competition. Therefore, the minimum hiring term must be 6 months (by the time the competition is very high in your industry). Consequently, the best time for performance evaluation and contract renewal should be 6 months.

Disclaimer-3: Classification no 1 or the consistent top 10 rankings for any keyword phrase, since SEO has no control over search engine ranking algorithms and competitors’ continuous SEO efforts.

Disclaimer-4: Search engines such as Google can hamper the ranking of new websites until they have demonstrated their ability to exist for more than ‘x’ or have unique content, updated technology, backlink strength and etc.

Disclaimer-5: The new website can get a temporary boost in the classification of some specific keywords for a few days, but then set it in its real place. This is known as a “new site impulse effect” and is quite common.

Disclaimer-6: Search engines may leave the rankings without any clear or predictable reason. Often, such rankings reappear without any SEO effort.

Disclaimer-7: The ranking of a search engine on a website may fluctuate any day, at any time due to continuous changes in the ranking algorithm, SEO efforts made by competitors or both.

Disclaimer-8: There is no guarantee of the timeliness of the project, additional expenses, and final results if SEO work is destroyed in its entirety or in part, whether knowingly or not by another party other than SEO itself or without prior consultation/knowledge of SEO. SEO work is considered to be destroyed if the following changes are made to the website without first consulting SEO.

Domain Disclaimer: We are in the SEO business since 2011-2012. But we recently take this domain in September 2019 and moved everything here. But it’s maybe an old local business website. But we take it from Namecheap as a new domain. The previous staff may not claim this business ownership again.