ServiceTitan Reviews: Details, Pricing, & Features

servicetitan reviews

What is servicetitan?

ServiceTitan Reviews

ServiceTitan is a cloud-based mobile friendly software for field management solution. It is mainly engineered for helping to grow HVAC, plumbing, electrical solutions providing businesses, and other household service providing businesses. The ServiceTitan offers a number of robust and effective functions for growing your business. 

In fact, the system allows its users to track the sales data as well as monitoring the marketing conversion and ROI ( Return of Investment). offers users with tracking capabilities to monitor their ROI and marketing conversion. With these features, the users can link each incoming call and track their process to determine whether it turns into a full sale or a missed opportunity.

Moreover, the ServiceTitan also acts as a mobile solution for technicians, allowing customers to provide visual on-site sales presentations and simplify billing and credit card processing without using any paper. Apart from that, the system also has some extra features including dashboards, custom reports, and call recording. And these features can be used to track and train the employees on site.

The Technical Specifications of ServiceTitan


  • Android
  • iPhone/iPad
  • Mac

Deployment: This is a cloud-based software that is hosted on the cloud.

Language: It supports English only.

Customer Types: 

  • Small Enterprises
  • Medium Enterprises
  • Large Enterprises

How Much Does Servicetitan Cost?

ServiceTitan’s pricing ranges from $199-$349/month per technician. The pricing of this cloud-based software is quote-based. That means it will cost you depending on your requirements.

The Overview of ServiceTitan At A Glance [ServiceTitan Reviews]

Basically, the solutions of ServiceTitan vary from the size and type of business. They do offer both mobile and online solutions depending on the customer’s requirements. Thanks to mobile compatibility, users can quickly and immediately access the system remotely via a site optimized for mobile devices. The best thing is that the system is compatible with both the Android and iOS platform. In fact, the ServiceTitan is mainly engineered to help service companies to achieve three main goals: improving sales, offering first-class experience to the users and optimized operations.

The system is based on tools that offer a powerful and realistic sales experience to the customers, which in turn significantly improves the company’s conversion rates and order averages. The tracking capabilities of this system will allow you to observe how your employees address current and potential customers. You also can observe how they convert each call into appointments. ServiceTitan also offers robust data analytics as well as reporting tools for effective campaigns. So you will be able to generate more leads and opportunities as well. 

ServiceTitan allows both office and field staff to view all the essential data of customers when they make a call. So you can make the business decision smartly as well as develop the workable plans effectively. This leads to an extremely positive customer experience as well as customer loyalty after each appointment.

With ServiceTitan, you can implement best practices for improving your business. The users of ServiceTitan get a clear overview of essential data that leads their business towards success. 

Some of the Popular ServiceTitan Software:

HVAC Software:

HVAC software is an effective tool for those who run HVAC companies. The company can use this useful software to make their functionalities better. Precisely, this software will improve the marketing, appointments procedure, shipping and billing, sales and after sales support, and many more. ServiceTitan is one of the best HVAC softwares that you can use for your HVAC business. If you own a HVAC software and are looking for a management software, then the ServiceTitan would be a great option for you. It will help you to grow your business with a minimal effort.

Garagedoor Software:

Garage door software is a handy tool for the companies who offer garage door home service. They need this effective software to manage their business. ServiceTitan can be an excellent example of garage door software. It is developed for all companies that offer this service for private households. It improves the effectiveness of your business functionalities. So if you want to significantly grow your glass door home service business, then you should have smart glassdoor software. In this case ServiceTitan is the best option for sure.

Plumbing Software:

The ServiceTitan plumbing software will make the following functions easier and smarter: planning and shipping functions, recording payments to sales outlets, digital billing, Quickbook integrations and much more. This cloud-based software is designed to substantially increase the revenue of your plumbing business.  

Electrical Software:

Advanced software applications for electricians are all-in-one software platforms for your company. The great thing about this software is that it will bring all of your employees in one page. So it will help you to observe their activities. Your employees will be informed instantly about the updated plan and program through this software. The updated information will be visible to their devices. Likewise, information from your employees, for instance, bills, payments, and so on will be automatically transmitted in the office. So you can manage all of your business just with a cloud-based software.  

Landscaping Software:

Landscaping Business Software is a very effective tool for lawn caring business. Basically, this software is a must-have tool for those who run landscaping businesses for residential as well as commercial properties. This effective software can offer a variety of solutions based on your requirements. With this cloud-based software, you can stay-in-touch with all of your teams. So if you run a landscaping business, then the ServiceTitan landscaping software is a perfect solution that can drive your business towards success. 

Top-rated Features of ServiceTitan: 

  • The ServiceTitan will allow the user to track sales performance.
  • You also can be allowed to measure marketing campaigns.
  • The users also can monitor the call booking performance.
  • You can manage everything just with this cloud-based software.
  • The system will allow you to import and export the data.
  • Overall, it will significantly increase the revenue of your business by managing everything efficiently.
ServiceTitan Reviews best

To Sum Up: ServiceTitan is surely an excellent tool for the business owners to manage all the functionalities effectively and efficiently. So if you are serious about growing your business, then the ServiceTitan is a must-have tool for you. The best thing is that the ServiceTitan offers customized solutions. So you will get a better solution. 

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