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How Do I Get My Website Found On Google

How Do I Get My Website Found On Google

Here in this article, we will know the procedure that how google recognizes and index a website. When you are engaged with a real estate business, then you might own a website. The thing is you might not able to spend your time over your website and this is not getting a better position over Google. 

Thinking proactively about your business will insist you be more attentive about your website. You are here to know how to found your website on Google. But before we move on that section, you need to know how does Google works? 

How Do I Get My Website Found On Google

Search engines use automated software to prioritize websites one on another. This software is known as spider or crawler which collects every content of websites. Then send them back to search engines for indexing. 

If you summarize the whole chapter, you can get there are six major parts, that you need to pas through to see your real estate website over Google–

  • Submit your website on Google. 
  • Lay a link trail
  • Using appropriate keywords.
  • Meta Tag maintenance.
  • Mobile Optimization. 

Submit your website on Google

You already know about the crawlers which are mostly known as Google bots. Sooner or later these bots will crawl your website to know more about your business. In the meantime, you need to send the site map to Google Search Console. Doing this will inform Google to check your website quickly. If you are not aware of the sitemap, then you can search for Google to know and to arrange. 

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Lay a link Trail

Now after submitting your website to google and then wait is not the full procedure. As we have suggested sending your sitemap on Google, there are other options also available to boost up the timing. You can plant links on other places to get noticed by Google. The process is calling backlinking. When a popular webpage will refer your website with a link then Google will value it and consider your website. 

Choose Appropriate Keyword

When you are appealing to Google, then you have to encounter many times with the word “keyword”. Keywords are usually words or phrases that your customers are using when they are searching for you over the internet. The more you will have a grip over the keywords and LSI keywords related to your business, you can utilize them.  After putting keywords over your meta tags and content, those will work as navigators. 

Meta Tag Maintainance

When you will fill your meta tags and put relevant words there, it will help search engines to be more specific about you. Always try to fill and be unique about your meta description. Because these represent your subject to search engines. The more you will fill meta tags, the more quickly Google will notice you. 

Mobile Optimization

More than half of the web traffic is coming from mobile devices. If your website is not mobile-friendly then you are never going to rank over the SERP ( search engine results pages ). Just remember, Google knows its user’s demands and it will give you rank when your website will be friendly to internet users. 

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