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How To Get On The First Page Of Google In 24 Hours

How To Get On The First Page Of Google In 24 Hours

When you are reading this article and attached to a real estate business, welcome. You need to know firstly that more than 70% of the internet users will not visit the second page after searching the real estate business near them. It’s not like that you will not get any traffic by staying on the third page, you might be on the fifth page after some days because the field is competitive. 

It’s Not Possible to Get On The First Page Of Google In 24 Hours

Do you know, there are more than 1 trillion search conducts through search engines every month? If you are practicing SEO for your real estate website that will drive you more inbound traffic and grow your business in the coming years. 

Well, if you are not able to spend time on your business website then it will not get a better rank for a specific keyword. Thousands of bloggers are trying to rank their websites with individual keywords and the game is on. 

You do not need to worry certainly. There are some proven methods that we have used previously to get ranked on the first page of Google. To know more about what we are offering to get your real estate business on the number 1 position, make contact: LocalMyBiz.

Here in the next segment, we will give you a glance of some techniques you need to follow to be in your desired position over SERP ( search engine result’s pages ) in 24 hours– 

You need to Understand How SEO works

This is the first technique you need to know that the working procedure of SEO. There are more than 200 factors Google uses to prioritize one website over others. SEO makes your website search engine friendly and got three phases while doing this: 

  • On-site SEO
  • Technical SEO
  • Off-site SEO 

There are a bunch of factors that google will use to rank your real estate website above others. Except for all others here are some of the major ones that will help you most–

  • The structure of your website and site maps
  • Your content should be relevant and informative
  • Brainstorming Keywords
  • Backlinking for your website
  • Focus on your meta descriptions and keywords

Know your competition

When you will being busy arranging your content, you need to gather ideas about your competition.

You have to collect all the necessary keywords you can use over your content on your website. When you will implement those keywords, they will work as a  navigator to your clients.  

Using a keyword researching tool will not only provide you related keywords for your real estate business, but you also can understand the competition level. 

How To Get On The First Page Of Google In 24 Hours

Focus on Longtail Keywords

If you are comparatively new with your website, then do not focus on short end keywords of real estate business. The competition level is much higher. Instead, try to focus on long-tail keywords. 

You can use some applications or websites that can help you find keywords based on your campaign site–

  • Google Keyword Planner ( Free )
  • Google Trends ( Free )
  • Uber Suggest ( Free ) 
  • Ahrefs ( Paid )
  • KW Finder ( Paid )
  • Moz ( Paid )

If you do not have the proper time to manage your website for SEO, we are here to help you out. We are consist of an experienced team that will conceal your real estate SEO. You can contact us over: LocalMyBiz. 

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