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How To Get To The Top Of Google Without Paying

How To Get To The Top Of Google Without Paying

Running a real estate company is a bot complex. While you are serving your prospects at the same time you need to be careful about the strategies you can apply to get new customers for your future. Well, this is so true about real estate that your cash buyers are the lifeline of your business. To handle more clients you need to lean on digital media because this could be the gateway to reach on the top of Google without paying. 

If you are starting with a small range of business then it will be tough for you to invest more in PPC or facebook advertises. Today we will share some tips that you can use to promote your business and get onto your desired place without spending money. 

How To Get To The Top Of Google Without Paying

The happiest real estate business are who are getting huge organic traffic on their website. This could be a hard task for you as a beginner but the more optimize your website will be the more it will be able to scratch your client’s eyes. Let’s have a look over the strategies you have to know and follow to get the top of Google without paying–

You must target long keywords

This is the initial step to the path of your goal. As the search volume of long keywords is not as much as your genuine keywords and they will be worth it if you work upon them. 

When a user is searching with a long tail keyword then it indicates that he/she is going to make a purchase. In the recent update ( 2019 ) Google has declared that they are working for long-tail keywords. It will be easier to get rank for long-tail keywords and you can easily found through local searches. 

Optimize your Title tags

Title Tag is an HTML element and this will represent the “about” of your web page. When you are concerned about SEO ( search engine optimization ) then you need to keep a deep look over the title tags of your websites.

How can you have a genuine title tag? You can use your keywords before your title tag. This thing will help your website to show up on the top of the search results. Remember that the optimal title length should not be cross 50-60 characters.

LSI keywords are Important

Do you know about Latent Semantic Indexing? The more you will implement these keywords over your content it can boost your website more. This is the process you can reduce the chances to get penalties from Google also. 

If you are over-stuffing your website will the same keywords then you can get penalty by the penguin algorithm. When you search anything from Google, there are also some results google is showing at the bottom of the page with blue texts, these are LSI keywords. 

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