How To Get On First Page Of Google Without Paying

How To Get On First Page Of Google Without Paying

If you are looking for to show your restaurant’s website on page 1 of Google then you have come into the exact place. We will share our knowledge over this subject here in this article. Before we proceed we need to know the working principles of the search engines.

If your website is not showing in Google that doesn’t mean that it’s not over the internet. Your website couldn’t show over Google due to lacking some keywords or some specific topics. The algorithms of Google’s machine decide which internet website is appropriate for a certain keyword and is then taken first by Google. Then it displays the second most suitable page and the so on.

How To Get On First Page Of Google Without Paying

The Way You Find Your Website Over Google:

Indexing by Google is the first step that you could make when you are thinking about the visibility of your website over Google search. You can search from the search box to find the listing about your website, if it is there then you must know that it is indexed by Google.

As we have said before Google prioritizes the websites that hold results for a specific keyword If your content does not adopt keywords then the possibility is very less to be listed in search results. It doesn’t mean that your site isn’t shown on the first page then it’s not on the internet.

How To Bring Your Website On Page 1:

Maybe your website lays in Google search’s 82 no, page and you want it to bring it on the front page. Now you can do this thing using two possible ways. For the first one you need to pay Google. The procedure is known as Google Ads, which is the quickest and easiest way to get on the front page of Google search. The second one is the traditional way, its a long time and categorical way to achieve the rank. There are some facts that you need to remember while you are using the second approach to rank your website and some of them are:

  • Content Quality and Length.
  • Speed of your website.
  • Mobile-friendly environment.
  • The number of In-bound Links.
  • URL structure.
  • Secure Domain.
  • Blogging.
  • Using Citations.

Using these stratagies you can put your website on a good rank. The whole process is lengthy and you need to work hard for this. You need to bring your website on the first page, anyhow because 75 % of internet users do not cross the 1st page after searching on Google. If you do not want to spend a lot of money on Google to rank in a better position then you must attract your organic traffic.

If you got ranked for one keyword, you need to keep on your mind that, not necessarily you will get rank for similar keywords. Google is constantly updating its algorithm, so today’s ranking will not be the same as tomorrow’s one. So, SEO strategies should always ongoing to be in a better place.

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