The Ultimate Guide to Google Maps Marketing Technique 2021

Google Map Marketing

Remember those days when you had to ask strangers about a random direction? Well, you no longer have to go through all that anymore. Simply place a search about the area on your phone and you are done with just a couple of clicks.

Of course, it is Google Map that is the one which is making our lives simpler and easier every day with its outstanding features.

But, how about I say that you can use Google Maps for running a successful business as well? Yes, it is very much possible and thousands of people are using this feature to unlock the newest and largest digital marketing facility.

Want to learn how? Well, stay tuned as I am going to tell you everything you need to know about Google Map marketing.

The Ultimate Guide to Google Maps Marketing Technique

Google Maps Marketing 2021

In today’s busy and competitive world, things are getting quite difficult for running a business swiftly. You need to constantly prove yourself as a better option to choose if you want to stay strong in this race.

What do you think you can do to prove that? Yes, you guessed it right. You need to promote your business with a good marketing strategy.

Therefore, in this article, I am going to introduce you to an absolutely amazing marketing strategy which is led by none other than your favorite Google Maps.

So, what does Google Map Marketing actually mean? Well, in simple words, it is a way or process by which you can introduce others to your business with the help of the Google Maps application. It’s still not making sense, is it? 

Let me explain to you a bit more. Suppose that you own a business and want to promote it. So, if you manage to introduce people to your services just when they are searching for it, the chances of them choosing your business get higher.

Google Maps Marketing does this exact thing. It suggests it’s users to your business while they are searching for the things that match the ones you provide.

Therefore, by guiding the users the way to your business makes it easy to find. And thus, by using this process, you are digitally marketing your business in a smart way.

Why do you need it?

There is no telling that there are hundreds of brilliant ideas for business marketing. And people are applying those ideas for years. So, why do you need to use Google Maps marketing anyways?

Well, you might consider thinking that again as I am going to point out some superb results that you can get by doing Google Maps marketing. So, let’s begin.

Higher Chances In Search Results

Suppose that you want to have a nice cup of coffee and are looking for a cozy coffee shop nearby. What would you do? 

Well, the most common thing to do in this situation is searching on your phone to find the closest shop. Now, Google Maps will play a key role here. 

Take out your phone and try searching for coffee shops. You have certainly found some Google Maps results, haven’t you? 

Now, take a look at the PPC ad that came along with the first result. That’s right, this ad is exactly the thing that leads this result to pop in the first position. And it all happened with the help of Google Maps marketing.

Again, when you are looking for a coffee shop, it is obvious that you will likely choose the one that is near to you. It’s not like you want to walk 2 kilometers straight only for just a cup of coffee, right?

Therefore, in most cases, you will choose the search option that offers you the results near you. It might say- ‘coffee shops near you’ or something like that.

Thus, you are sharing your location with this search option and Google Maps is doing its job showing you the nearest options.

This is how your business gets higher chances in such search results if you use Google Maps marketing strategically.

See Yourself In The Ranked List

Now that you have started to learn about the importance of Google Maps marketing, let’s explore the other sides as well. 

With the vast increase in technology, we are pretty much always connected to the internet. Now, everything you search for does not necessarily mean that it has to be the nearest option.

For example, if you are looking for a good doctor or a consultant, the distance is not a major issue anymore. You will eventually choose the one that seems best for you. 

Again, what if you are not sharing your location? Of course, things like that might happen to anyone. 

This is why a sorted list can fix this problem and so, the ranked list that is created with Google Maps marketing can help you in a great way.

But what is this ranked list and why would anyone trust this list? Well, people trust other people’s opinions. This is normal human nature. 

Therefore, if you manage to create a good impression on your customers and show that to everyone, a huge amount of people will eventually get attracted to work.

So, to create such an impression, Google Maps marketing allows you to show the authentic reviews of your business. And thus, the better your facilities are, the higher your ratings get, and more and more people like to choose you over others.

See Yourself In The Ranked List

Promote Yourself In Local Business

All that marketing and promotional activity might seem a bit too fancy for you. What if your business is not that big and you don’t think that you need to use it for a small business like yours?

Well, this is not actually the right idea and this Google maps marketing is not necessarily for large scale businesses only. You can also use it for your small local store.

Of course, competition is increasing every day and we have hundreds of options to choose from. That is why you have to prove yourself in the market to stand out.

By such marketing, you will be able to promote yourself in the local market very easily. For example, if you show the people your services and manage to please them, they will give you good reviews.

Besides, adding some photographs or even the service policies will also engage the customers to your business. Therefore, Google maps marketing leaves amazing results for both small and large scale businesses.

Promote Yourself In Local Business

Google My Business

Now, let me introduce you to Google My business briefly. You might even hear the previous name of Google my business which is Google places. However, if you haven’t heard any of it, let’s begin learning them from scratch.

The goal of Google my business is to form a list based on the information of your business.

It can be the reviews of the facilities or even the span of the working area. Anything can make a difference no matter how little it appears.

Now, you may be confused about the listing policies or even want your business to be in the top position as you have chosen to work with it. Again, when you search, the most ranked one does not always pop on the top position. So, is it not providing an authorized list?

Certainly, these assumptions are not correct. However, Google my business does not work like that. In fact, it gives very authentic results. Which means the lists totally depends on the quality of your business. 

The only difference is that you are getting a higher opportunity than those who are not using this facility.

Therefore, if you entrust this feature and carefully incorporate Google my business, the chances for you to have a successful business gets very high.

Checklist Of Optimizing Your Google Maps Listing

Checklist Of Optimizing Your Google Maps Listing

You have now learned that Google maps from a list by which your business gets all the promotion and marketing. But how is that list formed and exactly what is your role here?

Well, you will find the answer to all of your questions by optimizing your Google maps listing. And now, you may ask how would you do that?

Let us find out all the tricks and tips to perfectly optimize this listing and get the best of this feature.

Address Information

How can a person find you if they don’t have any clue of your whereabouts? Of course, adding your address information is the most obvious and important step among the entire checklist.

It should even be a bother. You just need to put your address right? However, most of the people tan to screw up this vital step.

Putting the address information has a specific format. You cannot but follow the format to obtain the perfect results.

The format includes some distinct potions like subdivision information or the information related to the room or suite. Again, there has to be a nine-digit code. In short, your address has to go through the USPS format.

This specific information is compatible with the postal services and it will also make sure that your business is easily found. So, keep close attention to the detailing.

Of course, you might also face some special cases where you will need to hide this information. It can be due to a privacy issue of yourself or also for your customers. Do not worry as there are also solutions for such matters.

For such situations, there is a checkbox where you get to decide whether you want to hide this information or not.

GMB Address Information

Areas of Service

Areas of service mean the location from where people can get your product or service in general. But, this specification is much more complex than it appears to be. 

Let me explain it to you with some easy examples. Imagine you have a salon and there is only one branch of it that is supervised by only you. In this case, the area of service directly indicates the location of your salon. Simple, isn’t it?

Now, what if the situation is different and you have a pastry shop? There are several branches of your shop and you also provide a home delivery service in a larger radius. Things start to get clumsy from here.

You need to enlist not only the branches of your shop but also to have to point out the areas your service is available.

Again, there are also situations where the physical location of the primary office does not matter. For example, suppose that your entire business is conducted online. So, there is no relation to the location of your main office for your business.

Thus, the areas of service are a vital information field and you need to provide a good amount of attention to this.

GMB Areas of Service

Verify Google My Business Listing 

If you are correctly following all the steps that I have previously mentioned, congratulations! You are now ready to verify your business listing.

Now how Google verifies you? I mean, anyone might also put false or unauthorized information. Well, the process is quite delicate and therefore it needs a bit of time to do that.

In general cases, you will have to wait for a week or two until you receive a postcard in your provided physical address. That’s right. Google maps will send an actual postcard to your physical address to verify the given location.

If you do not provide the correct information your postcard will not reach and the process will not be able to continue. So, make sure that you are maintaining the correct sequence while listing your business.

After that, you will receive a verification mail which will ask for the code that is given in the postcard they sent you before. Pretty cool, isn’t it? Of course, there are also other options that allow you to verify your business via phone for some special cases.

Now that your code is matched, you are verified. However, after getting verified, all the changes you make in your profile will have to go through a review before publishing.

Verify Google My Business Listing 

Categorizing Your Business

This is a very crucial and important step to optimize your business listing. Now, you have to remember that it is not an obligatory field but even so, you should always highlight the categories that you serve.

Well, you always have a primary category of your business. But, there are also some other categories that are included in your business. 

Let’s take an example to get these things clear. Suppose that you own a business of wedding planning and you provide many types of services.

Starting from catering to wedding photography, you can categorize your business in several sections. Therefore, if you do not highlight all the fields that are included in your service, it will be an utter waste. 

So, what you can do is to include all this information via proper categorizing. Now, the thing that most people mess up is the presentation of these categories. Even the slightest mistake can affect your listing greatly.

Remember that you need to point out what your service is all about. It is not the same as explaining what you are selling. 

For example, if you own a restaurant that serves Japanese cuisine, you will name the category as- ‘Japanese restaurant’ and not as- ‘sushi and ramen’. So, take your time and name your categories correctly.

GMB Categorizing Your Business

Optimized Introduction 

The introduction of your Google my business profile is like a guide to your business. This is why utilizing this portion is a big plus point for you and you should always invest a good amount of time to make it catchy and attractive.

However, wanting to make the introduction more catchy often leads to some other problems. For example, keywords work amazingly when it comes to highlighting your introduction. But inappropriate use can backfire your plan.

Never put your keywords deliberately. Instead, use them with grace and craft them in your introduction so that they enhance their beauty.

Again, try to include as much information as you can in a way that it remains easy to read for the customers. Remember that the presentation of your introduction is the most important factor.

You can add the categories of your business in your introduction. It is a great idea and it will also give you an edge while promoting your business.

Now, instead of stuffing all the information randomly, try to sort them out in a correct manner. For example, you can sort out your categories using some bullet points. This will make your writing easily readable and also attractive to your customers.

GMB Optimized Introduction

Adding And Arranging Related Photos

Adding photos of your business is the smartest way to make it pop up among the other competitors. Of course, a profile with suitable images always attracts more people than a profile that doesn’t have any photos at all.

So, keep that in mind and try to extenuate the beauty of your working place by taking good quality photographs. 

Again, you should also incorporate third-party apps. They will include some metadata to your images that will help your business to pop up in the search results.

This metadata includes information like addresses or city codes as well as comments or even relevant keywords.

google my business Adding And Arranging Related Photos

Authentic Customer Reviews

You cannot imagine how important these reviews are. These reviews can manipulate other customers in a great way.

Moreover, if you start your Google maps marketing you will notice that businesses that do not have any reviews struggle a lot to compete with the ones that have a lot of reviews.

So, having reviews is very important to boost your business. However, you have to fulfill the condition of having at least five reviews before showing them up in your profile.

So, do your best and encourage customers to place a review even if it is not a positive one. You can surely improve your services from their opinions. Therefore, try using a third-party monitoring tool and respond smartly.

localmybiz review

Getting Started With Google Maps Ads

create an ads gmbGoogle maps ads are a new edition that is likely to add more features to the main Google maps application.

The service will provide four major features. Let us now check out these features that I am mentioning below.

  • Promoted pins
  • In-store promotions
  • Customized business pages
  • The local inventory search function

These features might also include branding and logos as well. Not just that, it is said that searches made from the Google maps application itself might show up to two ad results.

Apart from these, you will also notice some changes in the appearance of these ads. To begin, you will see that the ad has a purple pin and the traditional yellow card of the ads is also going to switch to green ones very soon.

Of course, the entire process is going under many changes and you will soon get a stable state of this Google maps ad in both mobile and desktop applications.

Final Words 

Although this might seem like a hack to you, it is not that simple. As you saw, there are a number of steps that you need to go through. Therefore, it is not something that will give you instant results.

Remember that each and every step is very important to create the impression you want and you cannot afford to skip any of these steps. 

So, be patient and make sure that you are loyal to your customers and always giving your best. Who knows? You might also hit that top position someday.

But you know if it still seems a very hectic process to you, then why shouldn’t you take help from the expert? Here you should go on with a trusted one who has a proven history of Google Map optimization.

We feel proud to share with you that during the last couple of years’ we are doing Google Map marketing for our clients. And it is our ultimate satisfaction that our valued clients are getting more customers after taking this service from us.

So why don’t you take this benefit? Feel free to contact us.