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Websites can be compared with a car! yes, that’s right. And that’s why it is most preferable to redesign your existing website rather than making a new one.

Website Redesign Service

Why You Need Website Redesign?


Visitors immediately leave a company website that has poor UI or/and UX design


Visitors make business decisions based on a company’s website visuals

Brand identity

Well designed website represents your business brand identity

Website Redesign Before And After

See Our Website Redesign Portfolio

As the saying goes, “Show, don’t tell”. And we are strong believers in that philosophy. That is why we are inviting you to take a look at the gallery of our previous work so that you can judge for yourself whether you should hire us or not.

website redesign for small business
Website Redesign services
Website Redesign Service

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Website Redesign Project Plan

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What You Will Get From US?


Custom WordPress Design

Premium Theme

Logo/graphics Update

Mobile-Friendly Design

SEO Friendly Design

On-Page SEO Optimizations

Is Now The Time To Redesign Your Website?

Web Redesign Services For Roofers, Plumber, Contractor, Dentist, Restaurants, Photographer, Healthcare, Real Estate, Pest Control, Lawn Care, Landscaper, Automotive, Phone Repair, Pet Doctor, Food Truck Daycare, And All Kinds Of Small Business.

Our Custom Website Redesign Services

Websites can be compared with a car! yes, that’s right. And that’s why it is most preferable to redesign your existing website rather than making a new one. 

At LocalMyBiz we believe in working consistently until we reach our goal. Your business website needs to create credibility with your audience. Otherwise, they won’t take you seriously. 

And you can change your audience’s perspective of you by redesigning your website. 

What Do Our Website Redesign Services Include?

The website redesign service that we provide includes everything you need for updating your website. Let’s have a look what you’ll get if you sign onto our service:

Responsive Design

Our professional website redesign services will help you with optimizing your website for optimal display on all screen sizes.  This will help you make sure your website looks good on all devices. And it will save you the trouble of building a dedicated “mobile-responsive website” from scratch.


Our services also include copywriting and generating content for your website. We will provide you with a unique combination of both creative writing and user-friendly website design.

SEO Friendly Site

Our professional website redesign services include Search Engine Optimization. We will use SEO techniques to ensure improve your website ranking on Google. This will help you increase your search engine visibility and generate more traffic.

Custom Design

We will change the design of your website to make it ideal for your business. Your business logo, as well as the website’s user interface, will be changed to match the preferences of your target audience.

And Much More

We also provide various other services such as convenient online payment, website security, adding additional pages, making the site e-commerce friendly, etc. Our utmost goal is to provide our clients with a comprehensive website design solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

What Is a Website Redesign?

As time goes on, most of the features of your site will become old and outdated. In addition, new changes in SEO practices will force you to update your site content. 

A website redesign refers to a complete makeover of your existing site. You can do that by changing its layout, design, content, and even its source code. 

This not only enhances the user experience but also helps you to grow your brand as a whole. It increases user engagement and shares to your site. And most importantly, it makes your website look professional. 

How Much Should a Website Cost?

No matter what type of business you may have, it’s integral for you to build a website in today’s information age. But the question may peep into your mind, how much should I spend on creating that website? Well, our website cost estimations will answer this question in detail.

Designing and launching your business website will cost you anywhere from $12000 up to $150000. And it costs $400 to $5000 per year to maintain a site. 

Should You Redesign Your Website?

The answer is absolutely yes. Keeping your website’s design and content updated will help you boost your online presence. And thus it will help your business growth.

But redesigning the site is really difficult as it’s pretty costly and you need to get the support of your company leaders. However, it does save you money in the long term. 

Why Web Design Matters?

Most people consume web content in just a few minutes before they move on to something else. And that’s why they prefer to see content that looks beautifully and organizedly designed.  This means that we need to make sure that our site is easy to navigate, attractive, and easy to read. 

And that’s why web design is really important for your business. 

Web Design Best Practices

Your business website is the most crucial aspect of your marketing campaign. It’s the primary source through which your clients will get to know your business. And so, you must follow a few rules while redesigning your site. Those rules are as follows:

  • The design has to be compatible with the type of business you’re running. 
  • It has to be user-friendly so that the users can easily navigate through it and find what they’re looking for.
  • It must be responsive. In other words, it should be optimized for laptops, smartphones as well as tablets. 
  • It should have visual components such as images, videos, and illustrations. 
  • The content on your site has to be easily readable and easy to understand. 
  • It should have multiple calls to action. 
  • You should link your website to your social media profiles. 
Web ReDesign Services

How often should you redesign?

As a general rule of thumb, a standard business website has to be updated and redesigned every 3-4 years to keep up with the latest trends. But we suggest you redesign your site every 2 years and make sure you follow the industry’s best practices while redesigning the website. 

When do I need a site redesign?

Most business owners opt to redesign their website in order to rebrand the site and to give it a new look. A website redesign can generate more traffic and increase more user interactivity to your site.

Redesigning your site has various advantages that make it a great choice for someone who wants to take his/her business to the next level. 

What’s the redesign SEO impact?

Redesigning the site even has a positive impact on the overall SEO strength of your website. However, to ensure this positive impact, the redesign has to be done by experts.

Otherwise, it can negatively affect your website’s SEO. So, you have to be careful while hiring people to redesign your site.

Why opt for website redesign services?

You should ask yourself, “Is my marketing campaign generating the best possible outcome?” If the answer is no, and you think that there is room for improvement, then you should definitely opt for website redesign services.

Website Redesign Services Can Help Generate More Leads

Website Redesign Services Can Help Generate More Leads

Redesigning your website can help increase the conversion rate and increase the visibility of your website in search engine results. This will boost your lead generation rate significantly. 

Which will enhance your brand’s image and increase customer loyalty. Moreover, more leads will cause more sales and it will generate more revenue for your business.

Website Redesign Services

A Redesigned Site Can Help Capture User Attention

Just having a business website won’t be enough in today’s competitive market. You need to create a loyal user-base and make them spend more time on your website.

Website redesign services can help capture the user’s attention and encourage them to come back to your website. In fact, it may be an effective marketing technique for attracting new customers.

A Redesign Can Help Boost Professionality

There are a lot of websites that are full of unique and high-quality content. But they don’t make that much of an impact because the site is not professionally designed. A professional-looking website will have better performance and it will promote your brand. 

Moreover, a well-designed website makes the users think that you’ve put a lot of effort into your business. And they will be willing to listen to what you have to say. 

Custom Mobile Friendly Websites Redesign

Custom Mobile Friendly Websites

At least 60% of the queries that are made to the various search engines are done using mobile devices. However, optimizing your website for these devices is extremely difficult because of the small screens. 

We design our websites while keeping mobile devices in mind. And we will make sure your website looks great even on smartphones and tablets. 

No Hidden Fees or Website Ownership Clauses

There are a lot of web redesign and SEO companies that put ownership clauses in their contracts that force you to pay extra in order to receive your product. But we can assure you, that won’t happen if you give us the opportunity to work on your site.

Website Redesign

Custom WordPress Redesign Services

We will ensure that your new website is as unique as possible. That will be done by completely customizing your WordPress theme. Although we primarily work with WordPress, we are willing to work on the content management system that you prefer. 

Landing Page Redesign & Optimization

The landing page of your site is arguably the most important part of your entire website. It’s what determines whether a reader will convert or not. That’s why we will focus on optimizing the landing page to the fullest extent.

Website Copywriting for redesign

Website Copywriting

Does the content on your website perfectly represent what you’re business is about? Well, it has to be compelling enough for convincing the readers that you know what you’re talking about. We have a team of experienced copywriters who will generate content that will engage with the audience and make them convert.

Website Redesign Tips To Increase Leads And Sales

All websites are different from each other. And that’s why your whole redesigning strategy will depend on the type of website you’re dealing with. But we are sharing some general tips and tricks with you that works with all websites:

The website needs to be visible

In this case, visibility refers to the visibility to search engines such as Google. You can be sure that 90% of your website’s traffic will come organically from search engine results. And so you must follow the best SEO practices. When redesigning the site, you should also optimize it for SEO. 

It needs to be mobile-friendly

We have mentioned this before. Roughly 50-60% of internet users access the world wide web through their smartphones. And that’s not all, Google actually ranks responsive, mobile-friendly websites higher than regular sites.

The website needs to be secure

If you’ve been following the news recently, you know that data breaches and hacks have become a major concern for consumers. If your website deals with the personal information of your clients, you must make your site as secure as possible.

It needs to be fast

This goes without saying that your site has to be quite fast. If the visitors see a lag of even a few seconds, 40% of them will just click away from it. So, make sure your website loads fast.

Your website needs to provide an optimal user experience

The website has to be designed in such a way that the readers can easily navigate through it. 

Want to Redesign an Existing Website?

Want to Redesign an Existing Website?

Are you wondering about the cost of the website redesign? Actually, the cost entirely depends on the type of work you’re looking for. But don’t worry! 

We have worked with various small businesses as well as large enterprises. We have a ton of experience under our belt. And the best part is that we offer our services at an affordable price.

That’s because we give priority to user satisfaction above all else. We will create content for your site that’s more geared towards your target audience in order to maximize results. 

So, please contact us and tell us how we can be of service to you. 

Website Redesign Agency

We are one of the most highly rated website redesign agencies in the country. And we are also quite proficient at building unique digital marketing strategies. We make the best use of technologies to accomplish our goal.

Website Redesign Proposal

All great projects start with a simple proposal. But this proposal has to be convincing and it is to showcase the importance of the project. And that’s why we will make the website redesign proposal for your company so that you can convince your peers and higher-ups.

Website Redesign Examples

Our website contains some of the examples of our previous website redesign projects. Take a look at those as that will give you an idea about what we are capable of. Check examples

Website Redesign Strategy

Your website strategy has to include analyzing your old site and identifying what your priorities should be. Figure out what your existing website is lacking and then update those things.

Website Redesign Service For Small Business

Most of the small businesses nowadays depend on their website. But the problem is they don’t have the budget of large corporations. And so, they need to be more strategic while redesigning their existing site.

Website Redesign Portfolio

You have to select a redesigned portfolio for your site that reveals what your brand is about. The design has to be elegant and convincing. It also has to be smooth and clean. Check portolio

Website Customization Services

Most of the agencies just use a template to redesign your site. But we stand a part here. We will create a custom template of our own and add the necessary functionalities to your site.

Redesign Website Without Losing SEO

A lot of the websites suffer in terms of SEO when they redesign their site. And you have to make sure that doesn’t happen to your website.

Website Redesign Before And After

Take a look at some of the before and after images of the websites that we have redesigned. It’ll show you the importance of website redesign. Click Here

Website Redesign Benefits

There are various benefits of redesigning your website. It creates a better user experience, and it lets you have more traffic to the site.

Why Website Redesign Is Important

The website redesign is one of the best methods of boosting your online presence and visibility. It’s also a great way of staying ahead of your competitors.

Why should I redesign my website?

You should redesign your site to keep it updated with modern trends. It’ll also boost your sales and increase your overall profit.

Website Redesign Goals

Your goal should be to build a site that not only looks beautiful but also provides engaging content to the readers.

Website Redesign Planning Guide

The process of redesigning a site is pretty complicated. And so, you should make your plans as early as possible. Build a timeline for your project and then stick to it.

Is Now The Time To Redesign Your Website?

Web Redesign Services For Roofers, Plumber, Contractor, Dentist, Restaurants, Photographer, Healthcare, Real Estate, Pest Control, Lawn Care, Landscaper, Automotive, Phone Repair, Pet Doctor, Food Truck Daycare, And All Kinds Of Small Business.